Alberto Fraile

Alberto Fraile is a postdoc researcher in the Condensed Matter group at QCN. His research is focused on 2-dimensional materials including graphene and boron nitride. The main goal of his research is to gain insight of the physics of the non-linear excitations (discrete breathers) in the abovementioned materials as well as to understand the possible technological implications of such kind of vibrational properties. In order to achieve that goal, molecular dynamics simulations are being carried out in a number of different physical scenarios. In the future this work will be complemented with experimental research using different techniques.

His previous work includes from experimental research in magnetism and strongly correlated systems to computational simulation. During his experimental activities he focused on heavy fermions, mainly Cerium intermetallic compounds with 1-1-3 stoichiometry, using a wide number of experimental techniques at the University of Zaragoza (Zaragoza, Spain) and in close collaboration with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Oxfordshire, UK). His computational research started with the simulation of liquid metals for nuclear technologies purposes (Li and Pb, for example), and the theoretical development of interatomic potentials to simulate liquid alloys (LiPb) in the Institute of Nuclear Fusion (Madrid, Spain). Recently, using state of the art first-principle molecular dynamics, he has taken part on the simulation of shock waves effects in biological media at Queens University (Belfast, UK).