Nikos Lazarides

Nikos (Nick) Lazarides is a Senior Researcher and works in the Condensed Matter group. His research focuses on the theoretical understanding through analytical techniques and numerical approaches of complex systems, with emphasis on nonlinearity and emergent properties. He currently works on nonlinear metamaterials, including parity-time symmetric and superconducting ones, nonlinear and disordered optical lattices, nonlinear lattices under stochastic forces, and graphene-like structures.

Recent scientific achievements: He and his collaborators calculated analytically a general expression for the Josephson current in double-barrier supercondutor-ferromagnet junctions (2003). They demonstrated theoretically the existence of solitons (2005) and dissipative breathers (2006, 2008) in nonlinear and superconducting metamaterials. They suggested a novel SQUID metamaterial (2007) which initiated experimental activity in this field. They proposed a parity-time symmetric metamaterial that supports breather-like modes driven by gain (2013). They also predicted the dynamic multistability effect in SQUID metamaterials that provides fast switching capabilities (2013).

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