Josephson junctions and AdS/CFT networks.

Theorists at QCN have proposed a novel holographic model of Josephson junctions (and networks thereof) that employs a gravitational description known as designer multi-gravity. An extension of the standard AdS/CFT correspondence in this more general framework has allowed a versatile formulation of a wide range of systems built out of weakly interconnected individual components. A simple model of a Josephson junction was analyzed, and one-dimensional Josephson-junction arrays were exhibited where it was found that the Cooper-pair condensate modulation  across the chain is described by a discretized Schrodinger-type equation. The allowed configurations of such systems were found to exhibit complex behavior that includes periodic and quasi-periodic solutions, chaotic dynamics, soliton and kink solutions.

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  • Friday, 5 April 2013

    In agreement with theoretical predictions by QCN researchers, a new highly efficient mode of thermal conduction was discovered and presently investigated, namely heat transport by magnetic excitations in quasi one- dimensional (1D) insulating materials ...


  • Friday, 5 April 2013

    QCN researchers have investigated numerically a two-dimensional SQUID metamaterial with and without quenched disorder and they have predicted multistability