Vassilios Binas

Dr Vassilios Binas is a Post-doc Researcher working at the Transparent Conductive Materials Group involved in the QCN. His research focuses on the experimental and applied Physics/Chemistry with emphasis on the development of innovative nanostructured  composite materials such as Metal Oxides (MOs) with graphene (on flexible or rigid substrates) for a range of applications such as TFTs, transparent/flexible electronics, batteries, membranes, photocatalytic and sensor technologies. He currently works on ink development and especially on inorganic functional inks for inkjet printing for new and emerging applications.

He has 19 distinctions (11 International and National Distinctions, Awards in Competitions of Innovation and Applied Research, and Fellowships, and 8 academic distinctions*). He has published 7 papers, while 6 additional to be submitted in refereed journals. He has presented his work through participation in international events, Workshops, Summer Schools and Conferences (12 invited, 13 oral, 28 posters plus 13 invited/ co-worker). He has been selected as a next generation Young Researcher participant in the forum for the Next Generation of researchers at the recent 4th World Summit on Materials (Strasbourg October, 2013). He has 3 patents (Europe, China and USA). He has been reviewer for 5 International Journals and the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology. He has significant experience in international research projects under European Union. Also has proved a great interest in Climate change and Biopolitics and obtained a Diploma on “Sustainable Development in Building a Green Society on Climate Change.” He has been the organizer in many conferences and scientific events.

* His personal and group research activities are listed in the “Academic and Research Excellence in Higher Education: Promotion and Support” network