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Non-Hermitian Wave Physics Workshop

“Non-Hermitian Wave Physics” Workshop


The concept of parity-time (PT)-symmetry is extensively studied now owing to the ubiquitous applications within the fields of optics, photonics, plasmonics, and metamaterials.

The theme of this parallel workshop will be on non-Hermitian wave physics phenomena, covering a wide range of recent developments in the area of parity-time (PT) symmetric Photonics, and in general systems that combine gain and loss in order to achieve novel functionalities. The workshop aims of bringing together leading experts in the area, as well as, junior scientists and graduate students and discuss the present and future of the physics and engineering of non-Hermitian Physics at the classical, as well as, quantum level. 


Topics of the workshop include:

  • Parity-Time (PT) symmetric photonics
  • Localization and non-hermiticity in nonlinear lattices
  • Interplay of nonlinearity, disorder and non-hermiticity
  • Exceptional Point physics-classical and quantum
  • Amplification and dissipation engineering
  • Non-Hermitian dynamics in waveguides and cavities
  • Non-Hermitian metamaterials and plasmonics
  • Topological effects in non-Hermitian and PT systems
  • Symmetry breaking and exceptional points in complex lasers
  • Superconducting quantum metamaterials
  • Asymmetric wave diffraction in PT-lattices
  • Topological phenomena in non-hermitian lattices
  • Computational methods of condensed mater physics for non-hermitian
    photonic media


The workshop is supported by European Commission under project NHQWAVE-(Non-Hermitian Quantum WAVe Engineering), MSCA-RISE 691209.



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