Dynamic Multistability Effect in SQUID Metamaterials

QCN researchers have investigated numerically a two-dimensional SQUID metamaterial with and without quenched disorder and they have predicted multistability, which is a purely dynamic effect not related to the multistability known from hysteretic SQUIDs. These results show that SQUIDs can be used as fast, intrinsically switchable meta-atoms, for the construction of metamaterials with many potential applications, such as, for example, all-optical metamaterial switch.


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  • Tuesday, 3. February 2015

    In recent a article of QCN researchers in Physical Review B, the mythological beast chimera appears on the title of the paper.


  • Tuesday, 10. June 2014

    QCN researchers have performed extensive measurements of the electric polarization on Sr and Li doped La2CuO4 single crystals. It is shown that La1.999Sr0.001CuO4 exhibits distinct ferroelectric behavior along different crystallographic directions.