Inauguration of Nicholas C. Metropolis HPC Facility

Friday, 27. March 2015

CCQCN organized an Inauguration Day for its new "Nicholas C. Metropolis, High Performance Computational Facility". The event took place on Friday 27th March, 2015, on the 3rd Floor of the Physics Department. 

CCQCN named its high performance computing facility "The Nicholas C. Metropolis Computational Facility" in honor of this great Greek-American scientist who pioneered the use of computers to the solution of scientific problems (Nicholas C. Metropolis, was the first director of computing services at the Los Alamos National Laboratory; he was awarded the Pioneer Medal by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in 1984 "For the first solved atomic energy problems on ENIAC). This way, CCQCN highlights the European roots of such an achievement.

The Region of Crete authorities & the University of Crete authorities participated to the event. Mrs V.Manasaki-Tavernaraki, Vice Governor of the Region of Crete, who is responsible for "Energy and Industry", opened the meeting confirming the continuing support of the Region of Crete to the CCQCN. More specifically she stressed that: "The Region of Crete is developing partnerships with educational and research institutions of Crete, synergies that can create multiplier effects and benefits for citizens of Crete. We welcome such initiatives that give impetus to our country’s institutions and enable them to gain even more value and recognition worldwide. We strongly believe that thiscomputing facility is an extremely important infrastructure in our region, enhancing the technological andscientific development of Crete.”

Prof M. Taroudakis Dean, School of Sciences and Engineering, presented the UoC ongoing effort for excellence and the placing of CCQCN as a central node in this effort.

Prof. G. Tsironis, CCQCN Coordinator, presented the current activities of the Centre and focused on the establishment of the High Performance Computational Facility.  He also gave a brief outline of the life and scientific contributions of Nicolas C. Metropolis

Prof. H. Meyer, of the Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, made the keynote speech on “Lattice QCD, its Computational Cost and its Impact on Particle Physics” followed by Prof. V. Kovanis, CREOL – University of Central Florida on “Arrays of optically coupled Lasers”.