"Excellent Poster Award" for Dr. Vassilios Binas & Invited talk at IRCRE

CCQCN research fellow, Dr. Vassilios Binas, attended the Second International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials" which was held in Haikou, China, at 24-29 October 2014 . The IUMRS-GMN provides a real/cyber space platform for researchers under the age of 40 to share their research findings, to network with their global peers in research and educational collaborations. Dr Vassilios Binas was one of the Excellent Poster candidates selected by the committee and received the "Excellent Poster Award".


During his stay in China Dr. V. Binas received an invitation to visit International Research Center for Renewable Energy (IRCRE) where he gave a talk titled “"Metal Oxide Semiconductors as visible light photocatalysts".



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