Travel Reimbursement

Below please find a list of all the documents necessary to process your travel reimbursement. It is imperative to provide them all in order to avoid any delays in the processing of the paperwork. Please keep in mind that the CCQCN center will be able to reimburse travel costs as indicated in your invitation letter.

The documents you should provide are the following:

  1. Travel ticket, in which the arrival and departure date, the travel itinerary and the cost should be indicated. We reimburse only economic class fares, not business class fares.

  2. Original Boarding Passes. The boarding passes of the return should be sent by registered mail at the center's address (see below).

  3. Other Receipts for travel to and from the airport/port (Taxi, Train, Bus) with the date on them.

  4. Photocopy of Passport.

  5. Account Information for direct deposit (IBAN and swift code (BIC)).

  6. Completion of the Form 10 during on site registration.

  7. An electronic copy of your talk (for speakers presenters only).

Postal Address
University of Crete, Physics Department

Quantum Complexity and Nanotechnology Center (CCQCN)

70013 Vasilika Vouton

Heraklion, Crete
Att: Eva Makaki

Getting to Heraklion By Air

Nikos Kazantzakis airport (airport code: HER) can be reached throughout the year from Athens and other major Greek cities by daily flights of Aegean Airlines. During the "summer" period (mid April till end of October) Heraklion can be reached by many charter flights from several European cities (please check with your local travel agents). Flight time to/from Athens is about 40min.

Getting to Heraklion By Sea

Throughout the year there are 3 daily trips connecting Heraklion with Piraeus port (Athens). The boats usually sail during the night and the trip is about 7hrs. For boat shcedule and fares please check: Minoan Lines, ANEK Lines and Superfast Ferries.

Airport to City center

When you arrive at the Heraklion airport, you have two options to get to the city and to Atlantis Hotel, the workshop venue: You can either use public transportation (a bus) or a taxi. We highly recommend the taxi option, since you will be able to find one immediately outside the arrivals building and it will take you directly to your destination. Taxi fares for this route are around 10 euros.

Port to City center

Heraklion port is located close to the city center. To reach Atlantis hotel, you can either utilize a taxi (there are always a number of taxis available upon exiting the ship) or opt for a short walk as most hotels are located close to the center.

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