CCQCN Kickoff Meeting: Theo Geisel public talk

Friday, 6. September 2013

On the closing day of CCQCN Kickoff Meeting, Prof. Theo Geisel*, presented a lecture titled "The Nature of Temporal Fluctuations in Musical Rhythms".

Even the best musicians do not play rhythms with perfect precision. Slight deviations from an ideal beat pattern are a fundamental characteristic of music played by humans. In this public evening lecture Theo Geisel discusses the statistical laws underlying rhythmic fluctuations and their role in musical perception. Based on these findings one can make computer generated music sound more human. Assisted by the Municipality of Heraklion String Quartet and with audio examples from the Art of Fugue to stochastic music he highlights  the general role of long range correlations in music and its perception by the information processing in our brains.

[Event flyer]

A (low quality) Webcast from the event


Visitors, my also browse through some still images from the event

*Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Faculty of Physics, University of Göttingen & Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Göttingen

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