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Outreach activity in Heraklion

Wednesday, 15. June 2016

CCQCN organized an outreach event in Heraklion city, Greece, on June 15th 2016.  Prof G. Tsironis, CCQCN Coordinator, Prof. D. Christodoulides, CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics, Prof. C. Gavroglou, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens &  Dr. G Neofotistos, CCQCN Researcher participated in this event lecturing on students, parents, and the general public on quantum technologies and contemporary research results and emerging trends in these significant science & technology fields.

Outreach Archives

  • Thursday, 19. November 2015

    On Thursday 19th November 2015 we organized an one day internal meeting where all postdoctoral fellows presented their work and activities within the Center. It was quite interesting, and many participants who were interested in condensed matter problems participated.

  • Friday, 27. March 2015

    CCQCN organized an Inauguration Day for its new "Nicholas C. Metropolis, High Performance Computational Facility". The event took place on Friday 27th March, 2015, on the 3rd Floor of the Physics Department. 

    CCQCN named its high performance computing...

  • Thursday, 12. June 2014
  • Thursday, 12. June 2014
    Dr G. Neofotistos presented the scope and the research activities of CCQCN to CoL Meeting Participants on 26/07/2014 at CCQCN Premises. Prof Kiriakidis & Dr Binas, CCQCN members, will present selected applications of nanotechnology to the project's educators and representatives.


  • Tuesday, 11. February 2014

    On 11/02/2014 we organized  an one day internal meeting where all postdoctoral fellows presented their work ...