Senior Researchers


Nikos Lazarides
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4260
Office: 234 Physics Bldg.
  • Metamaterials: conventional, superconducting, and PT-symmetric

  • Fundamentals and applications of nonlinear excitations in complex systems

  • Physics and applications of systems with spontaneous tendencies toward complex electronic pattern formation

Makris Konstantinos
tel. (30)2810 39 4200
Office: 234 Physics Bldg.
  • Nonlinear Optics: solitons and surface waves in photonic lattices, modulation instabilities in waveguides, second harmonic generation
  • Nonhermitian Photonics: Parity-time symmetric (PT)-Optics, singular values of amplified light, wave scattering in nonhermitian optical cavities
  • Semiclassical Laser Physics: exceptional points in microcavity lasers, random lasers, coupled nanolasers
  • Nanophotonics: superoscillations, subwavelength imaging, evanescent waves and focused beams
Giorgos Neofotistos
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4114
Office: 112 Physics Bldg.
  • Quantum transport in electronic devices (nanostructures)

  • Time-dependent phenomena and inelastic scattering in quantum tunneling structures

  • Statistical modeling of complex networks

Vasilios Niarchos
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4205
Office: 204 Physics Bldg.
  • Supersymmetric quantum field theories, non-perturbative dualities.

  • Brane dynamics in string/M-theory and black holes in supergravity, string theory and higher dimensional spacetimes.

  • Fundamentals and applications of gauge/gravity dualities.

Patrick Navez
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4305
Office: 308-1 Physics Bldg
  • Large coordination number expansion approach for quantum lattice systems such as Heisenberg, Bose-Hubbard and Fermi-Hubbard models.
  • Non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum systems: quench, prethermalisation, Sauter-Schwinger effect.
  • Quantum kinetic description of superfluidity in Bose-Einstein condensate.
Oksana Shramkova
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4322
Office: 308-5 Physics Bldg
  • Electromagnetic wave propagation in isotropic, anisotropic and gyrotropic media
  • Instabilities in plasma and semiconductors
  • Metamaterials, periodic and bandgap structures
  • Nonlinear Phenomena in homogeneous and inhomogeneous solid state structures
  • Computational methods of theoretical physics (mathematical simulation)



Adikimenakis Adam
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4147
  • Epitaxial growth of novel III-nitride films and heterostructures by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy (PA-MBE)
  • Structural and electrical characterization of thin films and heterostructures
  • High Electron Mobility Transistors using novel III-Nitride materials
Georgios Barmparis
tel. (30)2810 39 4200
Office: 308-12 Physics Bldg.
  • Quantum phase transition in strongly correlated systems.
  • Defects in semiconductors (capture/emission of carriers in semiconductor devices).
  • Surface chemistry (adsorption, heterogeneous catalysis).
  • Computational physics
Amy Katherine Raper Briffa
Office: 308-11 Physics Bldg.
Vasilios Binas
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 1269
Office: FORTH
  • Innovative nanostructured materials for energy and environmental applications (Metal Oxides Semiconductors / Inorganic Porous Materials / Graphene and Carbon Nanostructures / Hybrid – Inorganic materials / Aerogels)

  • MOs with graphene (on flexible substrates) for a range of applications for efficient TFT, transparent/flexible electronics, photocatalysis and sensors technologies.

  • Ink Development and Inkjet printing for emerging applications

David Chow
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4246
Office: 237 Physics Bldg.
  • String theory
  • General relativity
  • Gauge/gravity duality
Nicholas Christakis
  • Numerical modelling of non-linear complex systems
  • Dynamics of multi-scale physical processes
  • Computational Physics
Iacovella Fabrice
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4129
Office: 125 Physics Bldg.
  • Conceptions and characterization of graphene devices
  • Quantum electronic transport in 2D materials
  • High magnetic field techniques, cryogenics
Alberto Fraile
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4261
Office: 308-3 Physics Bldg.
  • Physics of non-linear bidimensional systems; Intrinsic localized  modes and breathers.

  • Atomistic simulation of graphene and boron nitride phonon properties.

  • Experimental research on graphene and related materials

Jacek Herbrych
Office: 308-13 Physics Bldg.
  • Quantum transport in low-dimensional systems

  • spin chain models

  • Quantum magnets

  • Thermalization phenomenon

  • Numerical methods (Lanczos, DMRG)

Johanne Hizanidis
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4235
Office: 245 Physics Bldg.
  • Chimera states in coupled dynamical systems
  • Collective behaviour in complex networks of biological neurons
  • Nonlinear dynamics and control
  • Nonlinear analysis of human brain MRI data
Eleftheria Kavousanaki
Office: 308-7 Physics Bldg.
  • Nonlinear light-matter interactions in semiconductors and their nanostructures
  • Optical excitations in graphene and other 2D materials
  • Theory of nonlinear optical spectroscopy
  • Magneto-optics and optically induced spin polarization
Li Li
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4254
Office: 247 Physics Bldg.
  • Research News (new results, visible publications, etc)
  • Members activity (conference participation, awards, prizes, etc)
  • Suggestions for improvement (any suggestions are welcomed)
Weijia Li
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4265
Office: 230B Physics Bldg.
  • Related to General relativity
  • Quantum field theory
  • Gauge/gravity duality
Wenliang Li
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4266
Office: 229Γ Physics Bldg.
  • Gauge/gravity duality (RG flows, non-equilibrium physics)
  • The nature of gravity (universality, consistent modification)
  • Conformal field theories (unitarity, higher dimensions)
Mattheakis Marios
tel. (30)2810 39 4261
Office: 308-4 Physics Bldg.
  • Gradient Refractive Index (GRIN) Metamaterials
  • Active plasmonic systems
  • Propagation properties of complex networks
Yoshinori Matsuo
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4233
Office: 229Γ Physics Bldg.
  • String theory
  • Gauge/gravity correspondence
  • Black hole thermodynamics
  • Supersymmetric gauge theory
Leonidas Mouchliadis
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4317
Office: 308-6 Physics Bldg.
  • Exciton coherence in low dimensional structures: indirect excitons in coupled quantum wells

  • Light/matter interaction in the strong coupling regime: exciton-polaritons in semiconductors and photonic crystals

  • Ultrafast processes in strongly correlated systems: femtomagnetism in  manganites

Vladimir Prudkovskiy
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4129
Office: 125 Physics Bldg.
  • Graphene, CNTs, carbon-base materials,  semiconducting nanowires
  • Quantum electronic transport in 1D and 2D materials
  • Nanofabrication, clean room technologies
  • High magnetic field techniques, cryogenics
Anastassia Rissanou
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 3746
Office: B310 Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics Bldg
  • Simulation study of structural, dynamical and thermodynamical properties of complex systems using various simulation methods.
  • Polymers, Colloids, Biological molecules.
  • Hybrid nanostrucruted materials (Graphene Nanocomposites)
  • Development of new computer simulation methods.
  • Expertise in Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, Brownian Dynamics in atomistic and coarse grained level.
Zacharias Viskadourakis
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4306
Office: 308-2 Physics Bldg.
  • Ferroelectricity in lightly doped cuprates

  • Engineering ferroelectrics and magnetoelectrics in low dimensional interfaces

  • Development of low temperature experimental set-ups, for transport, dielectric and electrical polarization measurements

Haisu Zhang
Tel.: +(30) 391 291
Office: Physics Bldg.
  • Femtosecond laser inscribed waveguide arrays (Photonic Lattices)

  • Femtosecond laser filamentation induced remote Air-Laser

  • Laser controlled molecular alignment.

Ioannis Margaris (1 Oct 2013 - 30 Sep 2014)
  • Josephson junction theory

  • Rf squid arrays

  • Scattering theory in layered structures

Ayan Mukhopadhyay
  • Application, derivation and generalisation of holographic duality
  • Effective theories for non-Fermi liquids
  • Non-perturbative aspects of QCD
  • Infrared issues in quantum gravity and cosmology
Thomas Oikonomou
Tel.: +(30) 2810 39 4200
Office: 234 Physics Bldg.
  • Statistical Modelling of Complex Systems
  • Physics of non-linear Lattices in contact with finite temperature baths
  • q-Statistics: Theory and application on biological data
Fivos Perakis (1 Nov 2013 - 15 Dec 2013)
  • Physical chemistry of liquid, supercooled water and ice.

  • Experiments using non-linear IR and X-ray spectroscopy.
  • Simulations of quantum networks and complexity.

J. J. P. Veerman (Peter)
  • Dynamics of large coupled systems and their applications in physics and other sciences.
  • Dynamics, Fractal Geometry, Complex Systems.
  • Geometry and topology of Conflict Sets in Riemannian Manifolds.