Each Metropolis user has access to three disk areas that can be used for processing data. Each area, is intended to be used as follows*:

Directory Intended use Storage time Backup Default quota/user
$HOME (a.k.a /home/$USER) Initialization scripts, source codes, small data files, long term data. Not for running programs or research data. Permanent Yes 25 GB
$TMPDIR (a.k.a /tmp on each node) Limited, temporary storage (filesystem in RAM) Temporary No None
/scratch For running programs or processing research data. Permanent No 100 GB
The directories listed in the table above can be accessed through the Linux command line. Apart from /tmp, home and /scratch filesystems are built on top of redundant arrays to provide maximum reliability. The /scratch filesystem relies on a parallel storage with Lustre and provides the best performance for handling large data sets or large number of data files.


*Under review